Corneal Disorders

Cornea Clouding

The most common causes of corneal clouding are traumatic injury to the cornea, complications following eye surgery, inherited disorders and corneal scars caused by infectious agents such as bacteria or herpes virus. These can result in partial or total loss of vision, depending on the severity of damage.


This is a slowly progressive disease that may begin in the teens or early twenties. It results in warped, thinned and scarred corneas, which cause visual distortion.

Corneal Edema

The most common indication for corneal transplant surgery in adults and especially older people in corneal edema, a condition in which fluid collects in the cornea, causing transplant can be performed to restore vision. A disease of the cornea called fuch’s endothelial dystrophy produces corneal edema, and more commonly the stree of even uncomplicated cataract surgery can result incorneal edema .