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Treatment for Corneal Disorders.

Corneal Disorders

The most common causes of corneal clouding are traumatic injury to the cornea, complications following eye surgery, inherited corneal disorders and corneal scars caused by infectious agents such as bacteria or herpes virus. These can result in partial or total loss of vision, depending on the severity of damage.

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Treatment for Keratoconus Mumbai.


Keratoconus, also called conical cornea, results in the cornea changing from domeshaped to cone-shaped through the progressive thinning of the cornea. Because the cornea is the part of the eye that refracts most of the light entering, the change of its sh ape prevents incoming light from being focused properly, ultimately distorting vision.

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Treatment for Cornea Transplant Mumbai, India.

Corneal Transplantation

Replacement of a clouded cornea is the only means of restoring full vision. If the rest of the eye (including the retina and optic nerve) is normal , the cornea is replaceable (cornea transplant) through transplant surgeries. The success rate of the advances in research and surgical techniques. Corneal transplantation is one of the most successful organ transplant surgeries.

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Treatment for Corneal Disorders.

Corneal Collagen Cross Linking
with Riboflavin

Corneal Collagen Cross Linking with Riboflavin is an innovative treatment developed specially for Keratoconus patients. Cornea collagen cross linking is very popular as C3R. This treatment includes one time application of riboflavin solution to the eye and is activated by the illumination of ultra violet rays.

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